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Tara Bock founded Eco Matters Consulting in 2022 to help clients cut through the red tape. We know individual state requirements for registration and compliance can be time consuming and frustrating to complete. Let us handle the hassles and challenges of the application and registration process. Outsourcing to Eco Matters Consulting just makes sense.

Tara is passionate about the environment and is utilizing her education, knowledge, and experience to foster strong relationships between local businesses and environmental advocates.

The owner Tara Bock

Prior to Eco Matters Consulting Tara worked as Chief of Staff on a team that served various local government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Tara's experiences include;

  • project and grant management, 

  • drafting and monitoring budgets, status reports, and reimbursements for projects and grants, 

  • public outreach, including social media content and presentations.

These opportunities involved reporting and updating elected officials and various state and federal staff on status of the projects and grants.


Tara holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Holy Cross College and a Masters of Science in Environmental Management with an emphasis on water quality and ecology from the University of San Francisco.  Tara has a certification for wetland delineation.

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